Friday Fictioneers – Murder, Most Fowl

luther-siler 12-9-15
Photo Prompt © Luther Siler

Hello, again, Fictioneers. An interesting confluence of stumbled-upon links while researching other, unrelated stories led to this mayhem. Thanks as ever to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting the party, and Luther for the prompt. Any translation errors I’ll be happy to fix, but in the meantime, I’m blaming Google.

If you’re near central Florida  next fall and interested at all in bird-watching, you might want to take a gander (a-hem) at the Lake County Wings and Wildflowers Festival held at the Venetian Gardens in Leesburg.

Murder Most Fowl – 100 words

“Da t’ing is, it ain’t moider.”

The cop waddled across the restaurant lobby; peered beneath a wire-armatured wing pasted over with yellow feathers.

“See’n’s how it ain’t even a real boid.”

The proprietor gesticulated with sausage fingers. “She cost-a me a fortuna. Sheep’ed in special for the Festival at the giardini. Now, she . . . assassinato. Morto. Alla because il cognato—”

“Sez what?”

“My stupido brother-in-law . . .”

“I gots one a’ dem too. Smashed my weed whacker. Da wife won’ let me take it outta his hide, neither.”

“I do not understand.”

“Me neither, friend. Me neither.”


23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Murder, Most Fowl

  1. I for one quite like the dialects. It took me a few seconds at first, but once I grasped it in my head the rest of the story read naturally. Also, it’s clever to use the sausage fingers description because it very quickly gives an idea of what our proprietor looks like overall.

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  2. As the abbreviation goes, OMG or, as they say in the Boston accent, “Oh my gawd!” 🙂 You had me smiling at the “gander” pun and laughing by the end! I for one, love the dialect. Oh so clever! Loved the gesticulating (love that word) sausage fingers!
    C: is there a way you can dialectisize (how’s that for a new word?) the word “because” …”alla becuz” or something? Just a thought to add some kind of C here — but I’d rather be derelict in the C and say I luv it jest like it is! 🙂

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    1. It’s a tough line between authenticity and ease. I’m in the South (US) and in our local crit group most of us struggle with this at some point. Sometimes it’s fun to push the boundaries, though. It’s exhausting to write, too! Couldn’t maintain it for long. Thanks much for the feedback.

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