Friday Fictioneers – Lily Transplanted

Happy anniversary to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, our “Fairy Blog-Mother” (Vijaya coined the honorific, and I’m shamelessly stealing sharing it, just because) who’s been wrangling the Fictioneers for the last three years. I’m only 33 stories in… feeling like the new kid, but meeting lots of new friends and reading some great flash! I hope you enjoy this short excerpt from the latest MS draft.

Photo Prompt © Ron Pruitt

Lily Transplanted – 100 words

Passengers scrambled through luggage birthed from the bus’s underbelly, while others waited to impregnate it with their own bags.

Pearl sandwiched Lily’s sun-pinked hand between her wrinkled brown ones. “The thrift is bloomin’. Lavender, pink and white, all together. It’ll grow on a stone wall a hun’red years, left alone. But you even think about diggin’ it up, it’s gonna die. Lilies, though. Dig ‘em, move ‘em all you want. Sun, shade, damp or dry, they don’t much mind. You gonna bloom wherever you end up planted.”

“I can’t go back to Pine Ridge.”

“Why would you ever want to?”

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18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Lily Transplanted

  1. I wonder why Pearl stayed. So I looked up thrift on the RHS website and its just as the old lady described – I hadn’t heard of this common plant before although my partner has. I shall plant some – very low maintenance (unlike my partner).

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