Friday Fictioneers – Dickory Dock

Better late than never, Fictioneers? Another week, another photo prompt, and another deluge of rain for pre-soaked South Carolina. We’re fine around these parts but friends and family in the midlands and near the coast are experiencing epic floods. We’ll take all the “drying out” vibes we can get. Thanks for the prompt, MG, and thanks as always to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting.
“Mouse on the Prowl” Photo Prompt © Marie Gail Stratford

Dickory Dock – 100 words

Small blond head nestles beneath my chin; toddler bottom cuts off circulation to my thighs; book of nursery rhymes completes the circle of my arms, grandchild enwrapping.

“. . . The mouse ran up the clock . . . “

“A mouse can’t run, Gamma,” she pips.

“Of course it can, Pumpkin.”

“Mice slide. And the little light at the bottom tells the cursor where to go, and you click it.”

I fold the book closed, squeezing her more tightly between my arms. Lay the book aside. Nudge her down. “Go get your coat, Pumpkin.”

“Where are we going?”



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