Friday Fictioneers – My Name is Art

Success, I think, is centered in attitude. You know Friday Fictioneers? Every Wednesday a new picture, and by Friday, or thereabouts, a new story of 100 words or so. I’m grateful to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the weekly attitude adjustment. I appreciate your stopping in to read. The greatest compliment is to share with a friend.

Photo Prompt “Cars in Sand” © Jean L. Hays

My Name is Art – 100 Words

To be elsewhere!
On a boxcar, mayhap? To traverse ever-changing landscapes. Meeting others of my kind, if only in passing. How do you do and goodbye.
Or a café, yes. To be among the regulars. Morning papers, evening lamps. Commerce, coffee, scones.
Or a book. To be lap-held, and loved. Jam-sticky fingers, apple-scented pouts pleading, “Mummy, read it again!”
Yet here am I. My view his rusted underbelly.
But who is this? Visitors? Welcome! So pleased you stopped by.
A photo? My pleasure!
“Mummy, look at his funny mustache!”
A kiss. A breath of apples.
My name is Art.

Froggy will lead you to the Fictioneer’s home base. All are welcome.


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Let me know what you think. Constructive Criticism is golden.

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