Friday Fictioneers – Bump, the Stump

A bit of silliness this week. Though the picture is wintry, this 100-word Fictioneer is all about Spring. Happy Marching Forth Day, Pi Day, St. Paddy’s and a miscellany of other “Days” abound, from “Peanut Butter Lovers Day” on the 1st, to “Bunsen Burner Day” and “Clams on the Half-Shell Day” on the 31st.  Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting. More Fictioneers’ stories are springing up behind the frog below. As always, your comments and critiques are welcome.

Photo Prompt – Frost on a Stump © Sandra Cook

Bump, the Stump – 101 words

“It was an apple tree,” said Johnny, “until that Silverstein boy cut it down. You remember that old man that used to sit on this stump? His name was Joe. He was a doctor, or was it a dentist? He’d sit and eat chocolate covered raisins all day long. Some folks say he was abducted by aliens, and when that over-the-hill Girl Scout turned down his proposal, he lost it some. Went over the edge. Got multiple personality disorder, or something. Nasty one minute, panicking the next. I think he was a harmless old goof-off. He just wanted to be happy.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Bump, the Stump

  1. Uncle Shelby! Did you know he was Playboy’s first “ambassador?” Hefner paid him to travel the world, be a hedonist and write about it. Beneath all the debauchery was the gentle soul and keen observer we have come to cherish. I love that you reference that book here.

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