Friday Fictioneers – Pray

The challenge to the Fictioneers: Every Wednesday, a new picture, a new story. Beginning, middle, and end, in 100 words. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting. The blue frog below will lead you down the tracks to the Fictioneers’ station, where more 100-word tales await. You’re welcome to jump aboard. As always, comments and sharing are the highest reward.

Photo Prompt – © Dawn Q. Landau

Pray – 98 Words

Why do you walk away? Where are you heading?

What yearning pulls you forward to the light?

This is the day that I have long been dreading

The dreadful day you turned my heart to night.

Don’t you see we’re meant to be together?

I’ll follow you wheree’er your path may go.

In bitter cold or springtime’s sunny weather

In driving rain or drifts of driven snow.

You cannot leave me, love. There is no running

Away from deepest hunger in my soul.

You will ne’er escape my patient cunning

Your throat between my jaws my deepest goal.

It’s rare for me to attempt poetry of any sort, so please take this bit of, ahem, doggerel with a dash of salt. Where imagination leads, the fingers must follow. Apologies to canine lovers everywhere. I’m sure this guy is a faithful companion. (Just don’t let him get too hungry.)


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