Friday Fictioneers – We Had an Amazing Vacation

The challenge each week: A new picture, a new story. Beginning, middle, and end, in 100 words. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting. Follow the blue frog at the bottom; he’ll lead you to the other Fictioneers. Comments and constructive crit are always welcome.

Photo Prompt – “Garden Maze” © Melanie Greenwood

We Had an Amazing Vacation – 100 Words

The guidebook says it was planted in 1887 for the third Earl’s fourth youngest daughter’s fifth birthday. She died before it was completed. Tragic.

He gave his kid bushes for her birthday?

It’s not bushes. It’s a maze. And a folly.

What’s a folly?

Something built just for fun. You remember fun, right?

Pubs are fun.

Pubs are you drinking too much and going stupid.

This is the stupidest thing ever.

You needn’t sound so snarky.

Who ever heard of a maze with all dead ends?

Maybe it’s a metaphor.

For what?

Life. Or something.

Kill me now.


14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – We Had an Amazing Vacation

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting, Judith. I really was aiming for something deep and metaphorical about the journey from here to there or whatnot, realized the only way through was around, and ended up rolling my eyes at my myself. So, this instead.


  1. Wonderful! I can see these two bantering away.
    I like the “third-fourth-fifth” progression in the first paragraph. It fitted perfectly (in my mind anyway!) with the rest of the piece.
    It’s very hard to decide as the ending was very good, but I think my favourite line is “Pubs are you drinking too much and going stupid.” 🙂


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