Friday Fictioneers – Power Surge

The challenge each week: A new picture, a new story. Beginning, middle, and end, in 100 words. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting. Click on the blue frog at the bottom to read the works of other Fictioneers. And, please, join the party with your comments. It’s all good.

Photo Prompt “On-On-Off” © Ted Strutz

Power Surge – 99 words

“Non-code install,” I transmitted.

I expected Boss’s static-buzzed reply. “Plug the damn thing in.”

Lucky first day, dude. I took another look around then pressed the “talk” button. “To what? Besides, this cord looks frayed.”

“You work for OSHA now? Plug in the damn cord and flip the damn switch.”

“I’m tellin’ ya. There’s bolt holes, and a scorch mark, but there ain’t no outlet.”

“What’re ya sayin’, kid?”

“I’m saying I got the male, but ain’t got no female, Boss.”

The static clipped off. Boots clanged up the fire escape.

“You do now,” she said, and winked.


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