Ride Share – One Act. Two Players.


A: Can you give me a lift tomorrow? My car’s still in the shop. The part didn’t come in.”

B: I had planned to run my errands on Tuesday, but tomorrow will do. Seven-thirty okay?

A: Super. Thanks.

* * *

B: Sorry I’m late. I’ll still get you there on time.

A: It’s only five minutes. Shouldn’t be a problem.

B: I like to be prompt, though.

A: Admirable. Punctuality’s your middle name. What kept you?

B: Box of pups. Dumped. Again.

A: Again?

B: Pups, kittens usually. You live half a mile off the road. You don’t have to deal.

A: What breed?

B: Mutts, probably. Eyes still shut.

A: Did you leave them in the barn?

B: No.

A: I remember you saying you don’t like animals in the house.

B: I don’t.

A: Aren’t you going to take care of them?

B: I did.

A: I hope they stay warm until you get back.

B: They won’t.

A: But, oh. No! You didn’t! How? No, don’t say. But, why? There’s that rescue place…

B: Twelve miles the opposite direction. And I promised to get you to work.

A: I thought you loved animals.

B: I do.

A: It’s so sad, though. And cruel. They never had a chance, did they?

B: Not left in a cardboard box by my driveway.

A: Poor little helpless things.

B: You’re upset.

A: Of course I’m upset. It’s very upsetting, that you couldn’t be inconvenienced.

B: Not and stay punctual. And here we are, right on time. The sidewalk’s full of people today.

A: Protesters. They can’t restrict access. We can’t call the law unless they trespass or harass the clients. Run them over if you have to.

B: I’d rather not. Here you go. Door to door service. Will you need a lift home?

A: I’m good. My car will be ready… I just hate that you… Well. Thanks, anyway.

B: Have a nice day.

A: You, too.


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